- A name that conjures up imagery of knights in shining armour, damsels in distress, dragons, pixies, wizards and faeries; a different world not to be taken seriously in the modern perception. Yet in Scotland today, it is easy to find the broken shards of a mythical time that persists over nearly two millennia, the fragments of a story with a fatal attraction that endures the tests of time's assault.

These pages are the reflection of many years of research, observation, interpretation, suggestion and opinions, culminating in a series of articles dedicated to exploring

The path is designed to lead you to a truer perception of the historic Arthur and his children who are buried in the very foundations of the Scotland we know today. A journey where even wizards, dragons and faeries and can be made apparent and ultimately the Grail Castle of legend may be revealed.

The initial selection of articles has been published free in the spirit of freedom of knowledge, and it is hoped that sufficient funds shall be raised, from voluntary donations and sales, to enable the free publication of the remaining mass of information.

The articles are exploratory and intended to raise awareness. The author reserves the right to update the information contained within, as and when he deems fit to do