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Blood, Sweat & Cheers!
Sunday 5th June 2005

Raising The Clan Arthur Banner 2005
Raising the Clan Arthur Banner 2005
Photograph by Hugh DP McArthur

On behalf of the Clan I would like to offer my sincere and warmest thanks to Archie McArthur, his wife Cathy, their family and friends, who all worked so hard to make the Clan Arthur UK 2005 Gathering a truly memorable day. The provision of an ideal location, loads of excellent food and drink, and plenty of quality entertainment was thoroughly enjoyed by the near 50 clan folk who attended.

The weather smiled gently upon us as the Chief of Clan Arthur’s banner was raised over Inveraray for the first time in centuries. Frank McArthur gave an excellent speech on sea faring links to Clan Arthur past and present, and The Chief presented Archie with an engraved tankard as a token of his appreciation.

The musicians kept us entertained throughout the course of the day and many a tourist gathered on the pier to enjoy the ambient atmosphere around the ship. At the end of the day, just before the flag was lowered, The Chief handed Archie a £300 donation from the MacArthur Society towards his Para Handy Puffer Restoration Fund.

A extra thanks to Raymond Kennedy & Jen McVicar of the Dunoon Grammar School Pipe Band, The Fyne Tones Celeidh Band, The Cloutie Dumpling singers and all who joined in with fiddles, whistles and voice. And a very special thanks to Angie Woodrow for all her services including looking after my leg - that’s where the blood comes in!

At the end of the day, whilst cutting the Seannachie’s banner from the forward handrail, I somehow managed to stick my own Sgian Dubh about an inch into my own left thigh! Firefighter Angie nursed me while my wife quickly packed up and whisked me off to the Vale of Leven Hospital, where, after a burst of laughter from the receptionist I received two stitches and some anti-biotics that made me violently sick. Ok, it might have been the mix with the MacArthurs whisky, but I’ve not been put off - I am going back next year if Archie and Cathy will have me. Cheers!

Hugh DP McArthur FSA Scot
Publicity Liaison Officer
The MacArthur Society in Britain
A Branch of Clan Arthur

The Arctic Penguin 2005
The Arctic Penguin
Inverary Pier 2005
Photograph by Hugh DP McArthur

Archie McArthur, The Chief of Clan Arthur & William McArthur
Archie McArthur, The Chief of Clan Arthur & William McArthur
Photograph by Hugh DP McArthur
Clan Arthur Gathering ~ The Arctic Penguin 2005
Clan Arthur Gathering ~ The Arctic Penguin 2005
Photograph by Christine McArthur

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