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Scotland 2004

John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk, Chief of Clan Arthur

John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk, Chief of Clan Arthur
Photograph by Christine McArthur

Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Clan Arthur held our Annual Clan Gathering on a bright sunny Sunday 6th June 2004. The Clan met at the Braid Hills Hotel in Edinburgh where in April 2003 the Clan inaugurated our first Chief for 231 years, in the company of near 100 Clan members from around the world. This time the company was smaller in number but the purpose was the same. Due to the very sad death of our first Chief James, we were gathered to inaugurate his son John as our new Chief. Under the circumstances the ceremony was deliberately low key but carried out with the dignity the occasion required. Unfortunately our Seannachie and Treasurer Robert McArthur had fallen and he was unable to attend. I therefore conducted the proceedings on the day. (Robert is now recovering at home).

We opened with a short prayer and bible reading from James Chapter 2, Verses 18 - 21 and a minute’s silence in tribute to James, our late Chief, and for all those who died on the beaches in Normandy on D-Day. We continued with John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk swearing his allegiance to the Clan - the members present responded by swearing allegiance to their new Chief John. John was then presented with three Golden Eagle’s feathers as a symbol of his office and in turn presented two Golden Eagle’s feathers to his son Gavin, our new Chieftain of Clan Arthur.

To mark the occasion John had been presented with a suitably engraved whisky decanter by his fiancée Lorraine Agnew, and a gift from his sister Mary Wood (Secretary to the Clan) and a prize winning plaque from Faith McArthur, President of the MacArthur Society in the United States. In return John presented a whisky glass engraved with “Fide et Opera” to each family group present and undertook to send the same to all High Commissioners. Thus ended the ceremony.

The company then enjoyed a first class lunch after which, in tribute to our late Chief James, the Publicity Liaison Officer, Hugh McArthur, presented the film “Clan Arthur Reborn” documenting the inauguration of James in April 2003 - a moving but appropriate tribute. We were then entertained by Clan Bard Ian Wood on guitar, singer Patricia McArthur and Chief John on the bagpipes.

The afternoon was rounded off by a tour of the web site conducted by Hugh, illustrating the wide range of information available about Clan Arthur on the web.

Thanks to the arrangements made by Hugh & Christine McArthur, those present had a very pleasant day of Clan fellowship and we look forward to increased interest in the MacArthur Societies world-wide.

Frank McArthur
High Commissioner
The MacArthur Society in Britain
A Branch of Clan Arthur

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