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Colin Murdo Macleod - 1st Chief and Founder of The Galgael
12 October 1966 - 2 November 2005

On Wednesday 2nd November 2005, at 1:30pm Colin Murdo Macleod of the Galgael Trust, died as the result of a massive heart attack. This sudden departure has left his family, friends, clan and community in deep shock, which has echoed throughout Govan, the City of Glasgow and across the nation.

Colin, only 39, was a man of great energies and a true visionary. A Highland Chief in the ancient mould: father, husband, brother, teacher, leader, mentor, provider, friend and carer. A man with a brave and dynamic Gaelic spirit, who broke his heart fighting for his beliefs and the empowerment of all his people.

Sculptor, artist, sailor, a planter of forests, a collector of people and a lover of the land. I knew him all too briefly, just this last summer we shared. He left an immediate mark in the way he has reached the hearts and minds of so many. Colin is deeply and widely missed, but his work, his vision and his legacy of the Galgael Trust for the peoples of Scotland shall grow. His art, sculpture and unique personality shall continue to inspire.

Words can not express my thoughts for Colin's wife Gehan and his children Tawny, Iona and Oran, his family, his friends and all who were fortunate enough to be touched and inspired by the Quiet MacLOUD.

Galgael Emblem

The Herald 7 November 2005

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GalGael Gallery
Images by Hugh McArthur

Colin Murdo Macleod
Poet - Prophet - Chieftain
(Alastair McIntosh is a Director of the Galgael Trust, this is his personal tribute page to Colin)

Hugh DP McArthur FSA Scot
Friend of The Galgael

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